The Binckhaven is an important part of the Binckhorst and is the beating heart of The Hague’s Impact Economy (see: where all revolves around doing good and doing business.  

In the coming years a lot of commercial real estate is added to the Binckhaven. This is unique within The Hague. The area is home to 250+ creative and impact entrepreneurs and attracts many more. The industrial feel makes this area an inspiring place to work, innovate and co-create and is therefor appealing to new companies.

You can establish your business in one of the existing buildings: Apollo14, De Besturing, Caballero Fabriek, JOVI, and MOOOF. Or in the buildings that are currently developed: Frank is een Binck, OneMilkyWay and De Nieuwe Hallen.


The development of the Binckhorst began in 1930. The first decades were about industry and craftmanship. In 1970 the gas factory closed its doors and that marked the beginning of a new character: towards an area with mixed functions. From that moment on the automotive industry came into play. With the opening of the Rotterdamsebaan in 2021, also the most automotive companies have left the area.

The Binckhorst is at the start of a new youth, the area is developing from industrial to a mixed neighborhood where living and working are combined. In the coming years 5000 houses are build and services are added. Check for more info:

The Binckhaven keeps the creative-industrial, innovative feel and is therefore a wanted area in the city. The municipality invested in the development of the Caballero Fabriek into a creative hub that has a waitinglist of startups and scaleups.

Besides that Apollo 14 opened its doors in 2018 and is the hotspot for impact startups that work on technological ans social innovations for a better world. In 2023 De Titaan open sits doors for impactful and innovative scaleups and its ecosystem.